DAMNABLY008 – Everything Is Alright So Far – American Werewolf Academy [CD]


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Monster-themed ROCK by Dallas trio AMERICAN WEREWOLF ACADEMY! This is their International Debut release consisting of  two brand new tracks and a fine selection of highlights from their self released recordings.

Track List:

  1. The Hop
  2. Summer Ship
  3. The Kid Stays In The Picture
  4. Rock Show Tonight
  5. Goodnight, My Pumpkin Pie
  6. Wild Birds
  7. Beneath Your Scapula Lie Dragon Wings
  8. Man With No Off Switch
  9. Jack Wild
  10. My Cloven Hoof
  11. Goodnight For Anything
  12. What’s Shakin’,Dr.Wizard?
  13. Welcome To The Academy


Blurt (USA) “Texas grows great musicians like it grows shitty presidential candidates, but American Werewolf Academy manage to stand out in a highly competitive music scene populated by talented musicians. Just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with this band.”

Rock Sound (UK) “Never a dull moment.”

Pennyblackmusic (UK) “one of the USA’s best unsung bands”

God Is In The TV (UK) “American Werewolf Academy have a bluesy swagger that sits alongside Bruce Springsteen‘s more life-affirming efforts.”

Rolling Stone (DE) “Melodic, joyous and romantic tumbling rock and roll, as if the Cars (as, in the band) were in the garage next door. Always at the top end of their game, the three from Dallas play their staggering Power-Pop. Everything is alright so far!”

Sodapop (IT) “I wondered, especially after an attack such as the single ‘The Hop’, the reason why I have not noticed a group so beautiful and insightful, especially after almost two decades of underground activity.”

Muzikalia (ES) “An essential listen.”

The Music Fix (UK) “they favour the fantastic over the mundane and who can fault them for that?”

Kwadratuur (BL) “Whatever genre these Texans are cutting, the results are equally delicious. Fantastic Album.”

Kindamuzik (NL) “From the first notes of opener ‘The Hop’ to closing ‘Welcome to the Academy, relives the days of The Replacements’ heyday, ingenious, classic and honest guitar rock, addictive, emotional vocals, a jewel without the pretenses of a large audience merit.”

Ikon1931 (SE) “It is totally unassuming, bursting with enthusiasm and a whole truck load of punk attitude.”

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