DAMNABLY033b – Exit Verse – Exit Verse [CD]


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North American fans can purchase this record from Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Acclaimed singer & guitarist Geoff Farina (Karate, Secret Stars, Glorytellers) teamed up with drummer John Dugan (Chisel, Edsel) and bassist Pete Croke (Brokeback, Tight Phantoms) to form Chicago’s Exit Verse early in 2013. On their debut album, Farina belts out catchy rockers with more vigor than he has in 2 decades. The album’s concise, gutty anthems ring of the mid-90s when the guitar-driven Karate was shaking basements and DIY venues across Europe.

The trio tracked these 9 songs during the summer of 2013 at Minbal in Chicago. Later in the year, Farina flew to Boston to do overdubs and mix with his long-time collaborator/engineer Andy Hong (Kimchee/Tape Op), and invited Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull) to sing on three tracks and finally, Bob Weston (Shellac/Mission OF Burma) mastered the album at his Chicago Mastering Service. Since the recording, drummer Chris Dye (Speck Mountain, Chin Up Chin Up) replaced Dugan, who left the band to meet work and family commitments.

Track Listing:
1. Under the Satellite
2. Chrome
3. Seeds
4. Perfect Hair
5. Pull Out the Nails
6. The Bond
7. Fiddle & Flame
8. Silver Stars
9. Sparrows

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